Latino Public Policy Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, Latino Public Policy Foundation (LPPF) is a policy-oriented organization.  We are an independent non-partisan policy organization focusing on Economic Growth, Education, Immigration Policies, Personal Responsibility and Civic Engagement that promotes policies and a business climate that stimulates economic growth and opportunity for all.

All Contributions to LPPF are tax-deductible.

The Latino community is becoming a strong voting bloc. Therefore, we encourage Latinos to register to vote and learn about the issues salient to the community and America, such as education, jobs, the economy, healthcare immigration, and the broken entitlements system (i.e. Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid) that will hurt future generation of Americans. Therefore, we seek to encourage all Latinos in America to participate in their community and in America, through civic engagement, success in education and participate in the political process.



Alex Gonzalez is the Founder of Latino Public Policy Foundation (LPPF), a political Analyst, Publisher and Editor-in-chief for Latino Public Policy Foundation and LRTV. He is devoted to an in-depth analysis of American History, Political Sciences Western civilization and the political advancement of Latinos in the U.S. He received a Bachelor Degrees Political Sciences  in 2007, with emphasis in American politics, from San Fransisco State University.

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